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HOW TO: Dress for an Autumn Engagement Shoot

I have some engagement shoots planned over the coming months with some lovely couples. A few of them have asked me what they should wear for an engagement shoot..should they match? ..what colour should they wear?…should they bring anything? I’ve decided to write this post to give couples an idea of what I feel works best for an Autumnal themed shoot and some things to consider when deciding what to wear.

Okay, so firstly and most importantly you want to be comfortable. If you’re comfortable in your outfit you’ll find you can relax more in front of the camera and your photos will reflect this. The whole purpose of the shoot is to capture you; your personalities, your style and so you want to be wearing clothes you would normally wear, otherwise you’re not being yourselves!

The beautiful autumn colors make for a perfect time for portrait sessions but it is important to dress for the location or theme of your shoot. Below, using I have compiled a few sets that i feel would work perfectly whatever the location, whether your shoot is at the park, the seaside, an urban setting or the middle of the countryside. You may notice I enjoy quite a casual theme.

1. Basics.



  • Compliment each other without being too matchy by incorporating similar colours into your outfits.
  • A variety of textures as shown above will add depth to your photos.
  • Dark solid colours are often most flattering.
  • One of my biggest tips would be to wear comfortable shoes, we may be standing/walking for a while so this is very important.
2. Pop of colour.
  • Don’t be afraid to incorporate colour into your outfits. I love these warm, rich, Autumn colours and again they are similar but not too matchy.
  • Plaid, tartan and dogstooth all look great in the Autumn but try not to overdo it with the patterns.
  • Statement jewellery or scarfs add nice little details.
  • Avoid clothing with large logos or lots of writing, this can distract from the image.
  • I always recommend to bring a coat, we do live in the UK after all!
3. Extras.
  • Make up tends to look much more toned down in photos and so you may want to go slightly heavier on your cheeks, eyes and lips than you normally would.
  • Glittery/shimmery powders can reflect light and make you look shiny.  Stick to matte shades where possible.
  • Finishing with a setting powder can minimize shine and give you flawless looking skin.
  • False eyelashes look awesome on photos. If you’ve never worn them before you may want to have a little practice before-hand!
  • I will no doubt want a picture of that lovely engagement ring so make sure your nails are photo-ready too.
  • You are welcome to bring along any little bits that define your relationship or that are unique to you. From posters or signs, balloons, bicycles, flowers, your favourite books, umbrellas, instruments you play or even your dog (dogs are MORE than welcome!). Props make the shoot abit more fun and also allow your personalities to shine through.
I hope this post has helped those who have booked an engagement session over the coming season and given some insight to those who may be contemplating a shoot in the future. If you have any more questions dont hesitate to contact me at


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