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The wrong side of the camera.

camera training flawless photography camera flawless photography

Today whilst training one of the new photographers at the studio I got to step out from behind the camera and gain an insight into how our clients feel on the other side. I’m so used to being the photographer, it felt very strange becoming the ‘photographed’ as we reenacted some of the classic Flawless poses.

Some things I learnt from switching camera roles:

  • It is very warm on the other side of those lights!
  • I blink alot.
  • The flash is brighter than I thought.
  • Some of the poses are actually quite difficult.
  • Shooting with a friend can induce fits of laughter
  • I need to start making an effort with my hair
  • …and make-up
  • Do not eat your lunch and then lay on the floor

I’d recommend all photographers step out from behind the camera and become the photographed now and then. Practical research is good research!

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