2015 – Wedding Round Up!

This is the first yearly review I’ve ever done here on my blog and I’ve absolutely loved looking back on all the incredible weddings that I’ve been so lucky to be a part of this year and the exciting moments that go with them.  Here is a round up of a few of my favourites…

FayandAlex-35FayandAlex-24EmmaandJon-21EmmaandJon-98_ENP3745 _ENP3734Andrea and Jim-101Becky and Martyn-99FayandAlex-11DSC_0022Andrea and Jim-110  _ENP3841AndreaandJim-28EmmaandJon-68Becky and Martyn-80Kimberley and Alex-6_JKM9432FayandAlex-84AndreaandJim-70FayandAlex-26Kimberley and Alex-15FayandAlex-103AndreaandJim-230Sarah and Steven-39Becky and Martyn-47Andrea and Jim-157EmmaandJon-72_JKM9449Andrea and Jim-164FayandAlex-32 Kimberley and Alex-93Becky and Martyn-10  Kimberley and Alex-39 _JKM9364s_JKM9370 Kimberley and Alex-31 AndreaandJim-211EmmaandJon-30 (1) FayandAlex-131Kimberley and Alex-127 _JKM9238 _JKM9439a   KimberleyandAlex-64  _ENP3935KimberleyandAlex-87 EmmaandJon-8FayandAlex-94Sarah and Steven-77KimberleyandAlex-90 KimberleyandAlex-127   Sarah and Steven-104     KimberleyandAlex-19FayandAlex-206  FayandAlex-147      FayandAlex-89 FayandAlex-75KimberleyandAlex-68FayandAlex-42 _JKM2195EmmaandJon-176EmmaandJon-44 EmmaandJon-55   Sarah and Steven-81 FayandAlex-142Becky and Martyn-31EmmaandJon-100 EmmaandJon-56 _ENP3945   _JKM9253a _JKM9222    AndreaandJim-86 _JKM9187AndreaandJim-87    AndreaandJim-224  FayandAlex-220DSC_0158AndreaandJim-239FayandAlex-218 AndreaandJim-299FayandAlex-209

I want to thank all of the couples who have made my job so great this year. Much love and happy new year to you all! x

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