Peelers Challenge Hike – Sunday 22nd February 2015

I’m not usually much of a walker but on Sunday I took part in the Peeler’s Challenge Hike organised by the Bury District Scouts in co-ordination with The Long Distance Walkers Assosiation (LDWA). A 15 mile walk visiting Elton Reservoir, Affetside and Peel Tower, and returning via Irwell Valley, Summerseat and Burrs Country Park. I was well up for it (mainly as I was feeling guilty having not been to the gym in over a week). It was also another chance to wear my walking boots that haven’t yet got their moneys worth.


We began the walk at the Bury District Scout HQ in high spirits as it wasn’t raining! After setting off at 9:30am, Graeme and I were at the back of the group for the most part, following them along the Elton reservoir and up towards Affetside. We almost lost the group when I came across a rope swing attached to a tree and had to have a go.


From there I battled through a lot of mud, a runny nose and rubbing boot to make it to checkpoint 2 where there were cookies!


It began to snow as we made our way over to checkpoint 3 at Higher House Farm (this was the beginning of my undoing). We were the last to make it to the checkpoint but managed to catch up to some of the others completing the challenge. Checkpoint 3 had cake! After that we were able to navigate our way up to Peel Tower by following the fresh tracks in the snow!


By the time we reached the 4th checkpoint at Peel Tower I had had enough of the snow. I couldn’t feel my hands or keep my eyes open due the wind! We retired when we saw the next Marshall at the 10 mile point. He kindly drove us back to HQ to recuperate. The hall was full of people looking accomplished after their days walk and we were able to have some hot food to warm us up


I felt like such a failure as I sat eating my corned beef hash and red cabbage even as they handed me my certificate. But I’m well up for trying again next year (if Graeme will let me join him again) Hopefully the weather will be better!
Well done to those that did complete the Peeler’s challenge especially those who braved the longer route (22 miles) in such snowy conditions!



We filmed a few parts of our walk just for fun, you can check out our ramblings below:

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