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Tweet Challenge – Update.

Emma Nelson Photography Tweet Challenge

So its been a week since I set myself the Twitter Tweet Challenge. My aim was to post 2 tweets a day in the hopes of kickstarting a more regular use of Twitter.

So how did I do? At the start of the week I was doing pretty well, remembering to share my Pintrest boards and Instagram posts with a few random tweets thrown in between. I did start to dwindle towards the end of the week but I have definitely got in the habit of checking my Twitter feed more regularly, which is good. I now follow alot of interesting photography related pages which I like to keep updated with.

Some of the new pages I now follow:

The British Journal of Photography – This one is my favourite for  photography news from the editors of the British Journal of Photography (a monthly magazine for professional photographers).

Magnum Photos – An archive of iconic Photographs produced by Magnum photographers, updated daily with new work from all over the world. Good for when you’re in need of some inspiration.

Feature Shoot – Showcases new projects from emerging photographers as well as established photographers. I really like reading about photographers ideas behind thier projects so this one is a good one for that.

Jasmine Star – My absolute favourite wedding photographer, I follow her on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram so now I can complete the collection!

PetaPixel – I enjoy this feed for daily nuggets of interesting, quirky and undiscovered examples of photography and photo art.

So at the start of the week my tweet count was on 11. Today it stands at 28. Meaning I did an average 2.48 tweets a day throughout the week! I’ll take that! I also gained 52 Followers, result!

Maybe I’ll check back when I reach 100 posts 😉 If you’d like to follow me you can find me at