My 2016 Best Instagram Photos #2016best9

I really enjoyed reviewing by best 9 Instagram photos of 2015, I almost forgot to do it again this time round! I don’t think I posted to Instagram as much in 2016 as I have in previous years (I was going for quality over quantity 😉 ) but there is a good selection of some of my favourite memories of the year. You can view my 9 most ‘liked’ below…


1. Bathtimes became much more luxurious in 2016 with the help of my new bathplank (a lovely Christmas gift from my little sis). I now have a designated holders for my candles, wine and Ipad which enables me to watch copious episodes of Gilmore Girls from the comfort of my bath, bliss.

2. I got a new tattoo at the start of October, my sixth tattoo and possibly my favourite so far. It’s a sprig of heather plant like my sisters name. I know, cute 🙂 Tattoo by Lydia Hazelton (@lydiatattoos on Instagram)

3. The third image are Rachel’s wedding converse. A great choice of wedding shoe if you ask me! Especially as Rachel and Jake had a November wedding… a very frosty, slippery, November wedding.

4. The sun setting in Blackpool. I had just finished shooting a wedding at Pavillion on the Prom and snapped this quick landscape before the drive home.

5. A lovely shot of Gemma and Kris from the above wedding. Such a lovely, kind couple.

6. A shot of Charlotte and Paul from their engagement shoot at Haigh Hall Woodland Park. Wigan Council actually also posted this photo on their Instagram which was quite cool. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding at Heskin Hall this year!

7. My final wedding of 2016 was Anna and Rachael’s and this was a shot of them in-front of their fabulous illuminated ‘Mrs & Mrs’ sign.

8. I spent my 27th birthday weekend on a camping trip in Wales. On my actual birthday I woke up in a hostel because our tents had been damaged the night before. It was all quite disastrous really and the weather was horrendous but that’s what made me love it. We stopped at Bodelwydden Castle (pictured) for afternoon tea. The scones had literally just come out of the oven, they must have known it was my birthday!

9. The view from the top of the St Pauls Church in Munich, the oldest parish church in the city. Graeme and I were only in Munich for one day before we flew to Croatia for his 30th birthday but we did manage to cram a good amount of touristy activities in while we were there, including climbing the 299 steps of the church tower for this lovely view.


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