Adventures in Brighton (Video)

Last weekend Graeme and I had a little weekend away in Brighton. A camping trip! and it was lovely. We actually camped in Lewes at Housedean Farm Campsite, a nice little spot directly on the South Downs Way. Usually after we’ve been away I like to write a little blog post and upload a few photos of what we got up to, but this time I’ve done things a bit differently! I recently purchased an action camera (the SJCAM SJ4000 ). I bought it for our looming trip to Croatia in July where I anticipate on spending lots of time in and around the Adriatic Sea, walking, meandering through waterfalls and such like. I’m planning to film our 10 day trip but thought I’d better get some practice in first! So this weekend away was a prefect chance to test my new camera 😀

I must say the SJCAM will be perfect for travelling…I just  popped it in my jacket pocket most of the time. I’m used to lugging my huge SLR around with me so I felt very light and free! The video, as you will see is not the greatest but it allowed me to test all the accessories and bits and bobs the camera came with and work out what I can improve on for Croatia (stabilization for sure!).

So have a peek of us battling against the wind to get our tent up, exploring the vintage shops on North Laine and enjoying fish and chips on the beach. We had a lovely little sightseeing coach tour and a delicious brunch at Bills, all of which I would do again. It’s definitely too much to see in one weekend. Brighton, we will be back!


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