Tweet Challenge (Being a Twitter Noob)

I’ve never really got into Twitter. It is probably the only form of social media that I’ve never quite got my head around but recently I’ve been thinking about ways I could utilize it to market and promote both my business and my blog.

I know that a lot of wedding photographers use Twitter as a way off connecting with other wedding industry vendors and potential clients whilst keeping up to date with trends and new products. Although I haven’t quite figured out the whole ‘tweeting’ thing, I feel that I follow enough photographers on the site to understand the importance of building these connections and think it is high time I stop seeing Twitter as a big, scary world of hashtags and @ symbols and really try to understand and utilize this form of social media as a marketing platform.



The Tweet Challenge

In light of these thoughts, I have decided to set myself a challenge; 2 tweets a day for a week. To some this may sound a bit simple but I really do think I will find this a challenge. I am hoping that by tweeting each day, it will not only get me into a habit of posting to my Twitter account and checking the Twitter app but it will also give me a better insight into how it all works!

So, my tweet count is currently on 11. By this time next week i would like it to be at a minimum of 25. Lets see shall we?

If you would like to follow my week of tweets and hopefully more in the future please follow the link below!

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