Taking Stock #1

taking stock1

I’ve been enjoying my day off with Noodle, lay on the sofa with a cup of coffee and catching up on TV I’ve missed this week. With my ipad on hand, I’ve also managed to read through a few blogs that I’d bookmarked recently. During my browsing session I came across a reflection tool which I think is a pretty cute idea. It’s called ‘Taking Stock’ and you can find the original at Meet Me At Mike’s, though I found it on

I’ve decided this exercise will make the perfect little series for the start of each month.

And so here it goes…

Making : heart shaped bokeh lens cover
Cooking : pasta for lunch
Drinking : coffee
Reading: no books but lots of blogs
Wanting: the sims 4
Looking: forward to fireworks tonight
Watching: Downton Abbey
Deciding: on a plan for my afternoon
Wishing: I didn’t have work tomorrow
Enjoying: my day off
Waiting: for 6pm
Liking: taking stock
Wondering: when my mum is home from Peru
Loving: that its payday
Hoping: it ddoesn’train tonight
Marvelling: my Dads new car
Needing: to charge my phone
Smelling: pumpkin candle
Wearing: jeggings, jumper, fox socks
Noticing: daddy long legs
Knowing: not alot
Thinking: about christmas shopping
Feeling: happy
Bookmarking: wedding photography blogs
Opening: a tin of sweetcorn
Giggling: at text from my sister
Buying: Halloween costume bits

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